S129: (Kate Trench Blazer + Panelled Jeggings): ORDERED. Mass confirmation email sent

S128 (Pretty in Crochet Sundress): ORDERED. Mass confirmation email sent

S124 (Lace Sleeve Skater Dress + Van Gogh Peplum Top) : MAILED

S118 (Crayola Shorts in White & Pink) : MAILED

S113 (Meadow Vale Floral Bustier in Pink & Blue in XS, S, M and L) : MAILED.

S112 (Myra Eyelet Cut-Out Clutch in Brown) : MAILED.

S111 (Abstract Tulip Lantern Dress in Lavender, Jade and Peach in XS, S, M and L) : Mass email sent. Stocks are delayed indefinitely.

S110 (Lace Sleeve Basic Tee in Black, White, Rose and Blue in S, M and L) : ARRIVED and all order have been mailed by AUG 1.

S109 (Chiffon & Knit Throwover in Nude, Pastel Candy Jeans in Mint, Vintage Blue, Salmon and Dark Blue in S, M and L) : Pastel Candy Jeans ARRIVED and MAILED. JULY 16.

S107 (Garden of Eden Floral Blazer in White & Blue in S, M and L, Evelyn Lace Overlay Tank in Cream, Powder Blue, Black & Salmon in S, M and L, Basic Bandage Top in White, Indigo & Rose) : ARRIVED and MAILED. JULY 3 & 4.

S105 (Floral Empire Shorts in Primrose Red, Hibiscus Pink and Cornflower Blue in XS, S, M, L, XL) : ARRIVED and MAILED. JULY 3.

S104 (Springfling Denim Bralet in Lightwash, Darkwash, Florals & Cherries in XS, S & M, Dahlia Boyfriend Blazer in Pastel Yellow & Pleated Paperbag Skirt in Black & Purple): ALL ORDERS MAILED BY 27 JUNE 

S103 (Lace Crochet Shorts in XS, S, M and L): Arrived & mailed 28 MAY.

S102 (Chromatic Floral Blazer & Tropicano Floral Shorts, S and M): Arrived & mailed 14 & 16 MAY.

S100 (Denim Empire Shorts in Lightwash & Darkwash XS , S, M , L and XL): Some stocks for Light Wash (S) have been delayed, affected participants will be emailed. All other orders have been mailed out on MAY 29.

S100 (Victoria Lace Blouse in Cream, Nude & Black, Isabella Maxi Skirt in Black, Wine & Ocean Blue, S and M): All Orders Mailed.

S99 (Tru Blue Denim jeggings, Cottage Daisies Floral Tank, Wendy Collared Shift Dress, Crochet Lace Sundress & Basic Bandage Tank): All orders not containing Basic Bandage Tank in white have arrived and have been mailed out last week of APRIL. Basic Bandage Tank mailed out 15 MAY.

Crochet Lace Cropped Top: Arrived & mailed 19 & 20 APRIL.

S95 (Luxe Floral Romper & Lego Reversi Tank): Arrived & mailed 4 & 9 APRIL.

S94 (Faux Tux Top & Boho Lace Blouse): Arrived & mailed 19 MARCH.

H-Belt Tailored Trousers: Arrived & mailed 9 JAN.

Mandarin Collar Lace Dress: Arrived & mailed 10 JAN.

Faux Tux Top: Arrived & mailed 20 Dec.

Arrow Knit Cardi in Cream: Arrived & mailed 3 Jan. *Orders including Faux Tux Top have been mailed as well!*

Grecian Drape Slant Toga: Arrived & mailed 9 Dec.

Haleigh Cape Toga Romper: Arrived & mailed 8 & 9 Nov

Darling Peter Pan Blouse: Arrived & mailed 8 & 9 Nov

Denim Empire Highwaist Shorts: Arrived & mailed 8 & 9 Nov

Pretty as a Cupcake Romper: Arrived & mailed mid-Oct

Candy Empire Shorts: Arrived & mailed 13th Sep

Weekender Skinny Trousers/Fruity Pebbles Blouse/Knotty Back Tank Top: Ordered, Weekender Trousers arriving 23-26th Sep . Knotty Back Tank arrived 16th Sep mailing on 19th. Fruity Pebbles Arrived & Mailed 2nd Sep. *if you ordered the weekender trousers & other items, your items are on hold til the weekender trousers arrive!*

Moschino Military Shirt: Arrived & mailed

Chiffon Keyhole Top + Boho Embroidered Dress: Chiffon Keyhole Top arrived & mailed 5th Sep, Boho Dress arrived & mailed 22 Aug,

Relaxed Button Down Blouse in Summer colors: Arrived & mailed 22 Aug

Mischa Suede Paperbag Shorts + Lego Reversi Tank:  Arrived & mailed 2nd Aug

Lampshade Skirt in Gunmetal Grey & Almond Cream:  Arrived & mailed 26 July

Versatile Flap Blouse in Mustard, Rose & Electric Blue : Arrived & mailed!

Reversi Asymmetrical Chiffon Tunic in Sky/Matcha, Navy/Mustard, Cream/Fuschia: Arrived, mailed June 22

Chic Porter Shorts (batch2) : Arrived, will be mailed out 10th June

*ETA: estimated time of arrival